Deluxe Zen Garden | 4 Tools, 10 Stones, Extra Sand Review

Deluxe Zen Garden | 4 Tools, 10 Stones, Extra Sand

Give the Gift of Zen
Makes the perfect gift for yoga and meditation enthusiasts, as well as stressed out students and Asian decor lovers. Looks great on anyone’s desk, in an business office lobby, waiting area, or medical office. Improve any area of a home or office with some Asian flair while providing guests/clients a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Kids love it as well! It can help them slow down and relax while stimulating their creativity in a non-electronic way.

Bring Good Energy and Calmness to Your Life
In Feng Shui, gently curving pathways around beautiful rock formations in a Zen Garden is believed to bring good auspicious energy known as Chi. This Zen Garden set will bring a calming Zen feeling to any room.

Ideal Size
With a base measuring 10 x 10 x 1.6 inches, this mini Zen Garden is the ideal size to provide a decorative accent for your desk, table, counter, shelf, or bathroom vanity while still being larger than the average Zen Garden, allowing for endless possibilities when you create designs.

✔ Includes 4 unique tools
✔ Wide smoothing tool allows you to flatten and reset the sand with ease
✔ Pen tool creates intricate unique designs
✔ Authentic, engraved ‘Zen’ stone
✔ Real river stones
✔ Extra deep base made of 100% solid wood
✔ Extra large bag of sand
✔ High gloss dark red finish
✔ Original, decorative design
✔ Beautiful, pure white sand
✔ Excellent craftsmanship

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